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15 anime images in gallery. Tagged under BEYBLADE and Demolition Boys . Filters Normal Mode Strict Mode List All Children. Search within Yuriy Ivanov. 2018-10-02 Tala Valkov; Ian Papov; Spencer Petrov; Bryan Kuznetsov; and any OCs with a Balkov Abbey background if they are approved by the admins. As well as the cruel rigorous training, the children in the Abbey were subjected to a number of experiments to increase natural abilities, such as their ability to jump and run. Tala Valkov Yuri Ivanov Chiaki Morita: Jamie Haydon-Devlin: 1, 3 Bryan Kuztenov Boris Kuztenov Wasabi Mizuta: Craig Lauzon: 1, 3 Spencer Petrov Sergei Petrov Tomokazu Sugita: Peter Cugno: 1, 3 Ian Papov Ivan Papov Aya Sakaguchi Shannon Perreault: 1 Majestics Robert Jürgens Ralf Jürgens Yuki Matsuda Vincent Corazza: 1 Robert Norman Smith: 3 He now understood Tala and Kai’s fear of these men.

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Tsukasa KIRIKI. Voice Actor. sort. Voice Actor.

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Profile Navigation. Tala-Valkov. Home Gallery Favourites Posts Shop About See a recent post on Tumblr from @kaixhiwatari about Valkov Tala.

Tala valkov

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Tala valkov

May 9, 2012. Beyblade Anime Series (1st Season) Features.

His skin color is very pale to connect him with a snowy climate, as he hails from Russia. Character Description: Tala Valkov Tala (Yuri in the Japanese version) is the team captain of the Demolition Boys, the team made by Biovolt (owned by Kai 's grandfather and lead by Boris).
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November 29, 2012. by admin · Beyblade Character. 0. Shares. +.

Discover more posts about tala valkov. - Tala Valkov. The time is 5:30 pm and the date is February 5, 1915.
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Follow. BeyArMaMo 2018, Day 21 - Comfort. First time in who knows how long having a decent bed, and the poor dude doesn’t know how to react Tala is a female name that can be found in various ethnic groups. Many people share this name, but its meaning and background varies depending on the culture and language.

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Well since Kai and Takao got their own accounts, I thought I would to. *the rest of the Blitz boys are laughing at me like they did with Kai* You want to know what I'm saying to them? Classic Tala Tala-Valkov *INTRO* Priviet I'm Tala Valkov from the Blitzkreig boys, of Beyblade. Well since Kai and Takao got their own accounts, I thought I would to. *the rest of the Blitz boys are laughing at me like they did with Kai* You want to know what I'm saying to them? Well too bad. So If you think I'm awesome (I mean who doesn't?) #Boris #beyblade #chat en rose #Yuriy Ivanov #Tala Valkov #tagging just in case #you know Boris was the little rat that fights everyone in front of him #and Yuriy was the one who made sure they had food and shelter Hiwatari Kai/Yuri Ivanov | Tala Valkov (42) Yuri Ivanov | Tala Valkov/Boris Kuznetsov | Bryan Kuznetsov (22) Yuri Ivanov | Tala Valkov/Original Character(s) (16) Hiwatari Kai/Kon Rei | Ray Kon (14) Hiwatari Kai/Kinomiya Takao | Tyson Granger (11) Hiwatari Kai/Tachibana Hiromi | Hilary Tachibana (8) Julia Fernandez/Yuri Ivanov | Tala Valkov (7) Tala is a young man of average height and a lean build.